2 Sisters, by Matt Kindt


A story about a spy during World War II, 2 Sisters is told in minimal fashion, as Matt Kindt mostly lets his drawings propel the plot forward (and backward and sideways and all over the place, really). Mostly, 2 Sisters is the story of Elle, a woman who falls in love and eventually becomes a secret agent. She has some complex secrets in her past, and they’re revealed very slowly and deliberately.

There’s more going on than simply Elle’s transformation to ingenious spy, though. The book has quite a strong feminist bent. We follow an urn as it journeys through time. First we see an Egyptian slave breaking free of her shackles, and then we move to the future, where a woman imprisoned by pirates joins the crew in order to save herself (and then some). The urn moves with them and into Elle’s life, too, by the time the tale is through.

Some might complain about the simplicity of the art, but I felt that it served the story well. I will note that the book is perhaps a bit confusing with its fracturing of time, but by the end of the book, I was well satisfied. I actually suspect it would hold up quite well on a second read.


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