Literary Podcasts

Details has a rundown on the best literary podcasts.



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2 responses to “Literary Podcasts

  1. Emily

    Reading this reminded me. I heard a “You Must Read This” on NPR yesterday about “Wide Sargasso Sea.” I’m a HUGE fan of Jane Eyre. Have reread it more times than I care to admit. Have you ever read Wide Sargasso Sea? Am contemplating adding it to my reading list.
    And yes, I gave up on the deprivation last night, so the books are OPEN again!

  2. booksherpa

    Yay! The deprivation project endeth!

    Yes, I’ve read Wide Sargasso Sea (probably a decade ago or so). It’s quite good – and is a very, very quick read. I remember thinking what an amazing and unique idea it was to tell a story from the voice of a character that was painted in such a specific (mostly negative) way in a different book.

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