Philadelphia closing public libraries

Considering how much additional business libraries have been doing in the current economic situation, it’s surprising and unfortunate that Philadelphia will close all public libraries on October 2nd. Read more here to learn how to make your concerns heard.



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2 responses to “Philadelphia closing public libraries

  1. Emily

    That’s just…horrible. It makes me think of all the time spent in the library as kids, attending programs, getting to read picture books and pick out some to bring home.
    I’m going to go get a library card tomorrow for our local library. It’s about a half-mile’s pleasant walk down the road for us…

  2. booksherpa

    My library is just invaluable to me. I’ve used it to discover a variety of music and they almost always have every book I’ve ever wanted in their collection. These days, they’re so convenient, too. Search for what you need on the Web site, put it on hold, and then they e-mail you when it’s ready for pick-up. It’s been such a cost savings for me – it probably adds up to more than $400 or $500 over the last two years.

    It’s such a great kid experience, too. They offer so many programs.

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