On snobbery


I’m a book snob. I admit it. It’s a failing of mine, because honestly, who am I to dictate what books should give people pleasure? I can go out and enjoy a big dumb movie blockbuster like Transformers (but not Transformers 2; that was just boring) even though my mind might crave an arty Wes Anderson film. Similarly, I have to think that it’s not so bad to kick back with a mass market best seller from time to time. A lot of book blogs I read are a touch derisive of books they think are undeserving of their attention, and I promise to try to keep the “judginess” in check here (unless I’m specifically reviewing the new hot thing).

This topic came to mind after I read this little piece in Time Magazine by a writer from The Simpsons, one of my favorite – and most frequently quoted – television shows. It’s a good reminder of why we might consider holding the snootiness in check.


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